“You never know who will be listening to the final product. My cat listens a lot to my final product. If he could talk he would probably say;  Man! You like a lot of high-end… I’m hungry…”  


In an effort to minimize the destruction of audio during the Mastering stage, Jono practices careful techniques to ensure sound quality takes precedent over blistering volume. Too many modern sound recordings get damaged in the limiting and gain staging of music mastering.

One must also consider the fact that their Master may end up as an MP3 or as another form of compressed audio file and that any damage to the Mastered audio will only get worse once the file gets saved into other compressed formats.

There are very few proper Mastering facilities in Toronto and in New York that Jono would use or recommend and they can be very expensive. If budget is not a concern, it’s advisable to have more than one reputable facility Master one track so you can chose the best person and studio for the job. Most of these options average out at $250 per track with a deal for full albums with 10+ tracks. Plus additional fees for sequencing and hard copies. 


Jono offers an alternative to this with mastering rates available starting as low as $50 per track and will also Master a test track at no charge prior to a booking.


*For more information call or email Jono at Victory Drive Music Inc.